Hindzsight Reminder Deck

Reminders In Hindzsight is a gracefully illustrated deck of 33 cards created to root & uplift you with daily reflections from HINDZ.

Designed with the intention of charging up your vibrational check ins, it will be a perfect pairing to your morning cup of tea 🍵

We work with a small, local warehouse for the processing and shipping of the reminder deck, so please be mindful of shipping times.

every card is coated with an oil varnish protection to give it a deep shine and endure your seasons of shuffling.

they're encased in a special magnetic box for some light ASMR when you open & close. It's also just a fly piece to pull out at the tea party.


Written by HINDZ

Illustrated by Adryan Tunde Abii-Smith

Creative Production by soof Light


Cards ≈ 13cm by 8cm (5" by 3")

24pt thickness


Worldwide Shipping!

Shipping to the US & Canada by Priority Mail.
7-10 days

Worldwide shipping by International Air.
2-3 weeks

Reach us at hello@hindz.site with any Q's!

each card holds a reminder of the boundless potential we each have to expand & grow